International Praise of the Interior Ministry Achievements and Applications in the Human Rights Field  MoILogo  The Security Media: The Arrest of a Gang Trafficking in the Narcotic Substances  MoILogo  Security Preparations for the Cup Match of His Highness  MoILogo  The Domestic Labor Department Seized an Imaginary Office for the Labor Running by a Citizen and an Arab Expatriate  MoILogo  The Traffic: The Development Project required the closure of Part of Ghazali Road  MoILogo  The Arrest of Two Persons Stole a Vehicle and Sold it in Taimaa  MoILogo  The Arrest of a Gang in Possession of Half Million Pills of Counterfeit Drugs  MoILogo  Maj. Gen. Al-Nassr Allah Receives the Egyptian Navy Commander  MoILogo  The Interior Ministry Statement  MoILogo  The Security Media Department; The Arrest of One of the Officers in Possession of Sums of Money  MoILogo