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  The Arrest of a Gang in Possession of Half Million Pills of Counterfeit Drugs - 09/04/2016

With the supervision of the Interior Assistant Undersecretary of the Criminal Security Affairs Maj.Gen. Abdul-Hameed Al-Awady and follow-up the General Director of the Criminal Investigations Department Maj.Gen. Mahmoud Al-Tabakh, the Assistant Director of the Administrative Affairs Department Brig. Badr Al-Ghadoury and Director of the Anti-Crime Money Department Lt. Col. Saneytaan Al-Mutairi, the Anti-Crime Money Department of the Criminal Investigations General Department has been able to arrest an Egyptian Expatriate Mahmoud Salah in possession of Counterfeit medical drugs.
According to such information, the investigations have been intensified and after making sure of its credibility, the legal procedure has been taken and arrested with the counterfeit drugs as he was accompanied with another Egyptian person called/ Waleed Mohammad. After showing those drugs to the Inspector of the Health Ministry, he stated that these counterfeit drugs must be prescribed by the specialist Doctor of the patient, adding that its misuse may lead to death.
Thus, they investigated with the defendant Waleed about the source of these counterfeit drugs as he admitted that he had bought it from person called Raheem Abdul-Hakeem of Bengali nationality. Thereby, they arrested him as well and admitted that he also had bought those drugs from Indian woman who is running a gang of street vendors to buy such kind of drugs as she stored it in a warehouse in Mubarakiya Market. Then, they arrested Habib Abdul-Aziz of Indian nationality in Mubarakiya Market in possession of a large amount estimated at nearly half million pills of counterfeit drugs that contain a dangerous substances and it prohibits its sale in Kuwait State. Also, those drugs were forbidden by the Health Ministry due to its improper use for individuals as it may lead to death.
Moreover, Maj. Gen. Al-Awady emphasized not to deal with such counterfeit drugs for its danger that may lead to death, stressing on the importance of dealing only with the Agents and authorized distributors from the Health Ministry. He added that the Security Body will not hesitate in dealing with such cases and the speed in bringing its perpetrators to Justice.
Finally, the General Department of Relations and Security Media clarified that the substances were seized in order to refer it to the Counterfeiting Department in the General Department of the Criminal Evidences to be tested with the assistance of a team from the Health Ministry thereby, the defendants were referred to the Competent Authority.

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