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  Security Preparations for the Cup Match of His Highness - 20/02/2017

The General Department of Public Relations and Security Media of Ministry of Interior mentioned that the Security Bodies have completed its security and traffic preparations to establish the final Cup match of His Highness The Amir (May Allah Guide and Protect him).
Moreover, it is clarified that there is a complete coordination and cooperation between the Concerned Sectors to protect the safety of the audience. Therefore, the gates (4), (5) and (8) have been allocated for audience vehicles. The gates (6), (7) for the audience (on foot) and (9) for people with special needs and the elderly. In addition to, putting the signs for those with special needs and the elderly and the presence of military and volunteer’s teams of the Civil Defense Department to facilitate the Entry and Exit for those people to ensure their safety.
On the other hand, the General Department of Relations and Security Media urged the great audience to cooperate with the Security and Traffic Men for the safety of everyone. The Department clarified that the Specialized Field Security Sectors will distribute the patrols around Jaber Stadium and the roads leading to it and the intersection of the Sixth ring road with Ishbiliya and Hamoud Jaber Street and Abu-Alqassim Street. Noting that the violated vehicles will be dealt with immediately and will be pulled by the crane in order to facilitate the traffic movement.
Finally, the General Department of Relations and Security Media urged everyone not to hesitate to contact the phone (112) in any case of an emergency.

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