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  International Praise of the Interior Ministry Achievements and Applications in the Human Rights Field - 26/08/2017

The General Department of the Public Relations and Security Media of the Ministry of Interior stated that the Concerned International Organizations of the Human Rights confirmed on its reports and statements the commitment of Kuwait State agreements that have been concluded in this regard. In addition to, praising Kuwait efforts, in several occasions, in boosting the Human Rights and its permanent presence through its commitment of the international reviews and providing the national reports in this regard.

Moreover, the Department added that this situation reflected positively on the applications and practices of the Ministry of interior under the guidance of its political and security leadership. Thereby, it supports the boosting of the relations with the Local and International Human Rights Institutes.

Therefore, the Department indicated that the International and Local Human Rights Committee paid several visits to the Detention Centers in Kuwait State. The International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) paid (196) visits met (16000) detainees since (2010) till the last July. Also, the Committee followed up the status and situations of (700) detainees in different detention centers. Besides, the visits that carried out by the Parliament Committee of the Human Rights in the National Assembly to look upon the services that directed to the residents of the Correctional Institutes.
On one hand, the Ministry of Interior boosted the partnership with the International Committee of the Red Cross which resulted the existence of the workshops concerning the Healthcare (which is considered the first of its kind regarding the health state in the detention centers and the international principles that applied in this field). This is what the Officials assured in the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) after the International Health Organization preceded Kuwait more than forty years in its claims to make the Health Care in the prisons under the supervision of the Health Ministry not the Ministry of Interior.
On the other hand, the Department emphasized that Kuwait State is keen to provide all the guarantees for respecting its commitments and applications to the International agreements in the field of the Human Rights. Thus, the Ministry of Interior confirmed on its cooperation with the Investigation Authorities and General Prosecution to take the measures and legal procedures towards it, if any.
Finally, the Department confirmed on the concern of the Interior Ministry of its human elements through training programs and rehabilitation in various Educational and Training Institutes in accordance with the International Agreements (which was ratified by the State of Kuwait concerning the Human Rights). Thus, it will achieve the intellectual enrichment and boost the security and human rights practices, emphasizing the applications safety and its compatibility with the international and human rights capabilities. Thereby, the goal of developing the practical and technical capabilities has become a priority of the Ministry of Interior and openness to human rights Organizations has become an approach and method as well.

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