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  A New Constellation of the Graduated Officers took an Oath in Front of HE Sheikh/ Ahmad Al-Hamoud Al-Jaber Al-Sabah: We re all Soldiers in the Service of Kuwait - 14/04/2013

His Excellency the Acting Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh/ Ahmad Al-Hamoud Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received ,at his office in the headquarter of the Ministry of Interior today morning 14/4/2013 and with the attendance of the Interior Undersecretary Lieutenant General/ Ghazi Abdul-Rahman Al-Omar , the Interior Assistant Undersecretaries, the Acting Interior Assistant Undersecretary of Education and Training Affairs Maj. Gen. Fahad Yousseif Al-Sharkawy, Assistant Director of the Academy of Education and Training Affairs Brig. Harron Muhammad Al-Omar , (13) Officers of the graduates of Virginia Commonwealth University in United States of America and Abu-Dhabi Police College and Dubai Police Academy.
Then, the graduates took an oath in front of His Excellency who issued a decree by appointing the graduates tied to the rank of First Lieutenant, from 22/12/2012 for Lieutenant/ Isahaq Abdullah Ali Malak ( the graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University) ,from 11/2/2013 for Lieutenant/ Jassim Abdul-Allah Eissa Al-Baloushy (Batch (23) Abu-Dhabi Police) , from 13/2/2013 for eleven officers( the graduates of Dubai Police Academy) .At last, the batch (20) were appointed to the rank of Lieutenant who 're (Ahmad Naif Salem- Muhammad Hamad Shaya'a- Yousseif Gamal Al-Dawas-Khaled Mubarak Al-Khaled-vAbdullah Hamad Al-Khalifa-Fawaz Ali-Soud Salah Al-Azmy- Mashary Khaled Al-Azmy-Hamad Sakr Al-Fadel- Abdul-Rahman Badr and Khaled Muhammad Anbar).
Thus, HE congratulated his sons and blessed the leaderships of the Ministry of Interior for joining a new constellation of young people who dedicated themselves to the service of Kuwait 's security and safety of its citizens.
Also, HE urged them to exert more efforts and tender, asserting that their involvement in work with fellow employees of the Ministry of Interior is the fundamental way to develop their security performance and acquiring the skills, expertise and elevating it in a manner that leads to support maintaining the security in their country and the safety of its citizens and expatriates.
In the conclusion, HE asked them to be at the level of responsibility as they represent the Ministry of Interior and to have the commitment, precision and discipline, then he wished them continued luck and success in their work in the Ministry of Interior.

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